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Except for money, sex is the only factor in our civilized society that people permit themselves to indulge in, even at the risk of losing their jobs or causing harm to themselves and their families. The question becomes: Why are we afraid to talk about sex?


Bedroom turmoil is one of the leading causes of divorce in our society. It is said that a movie will not sell if it does not contain heavy sex scenes. We see it and we do it, but we are afraid to discuss it in a healthy manner. Why? Couples will not discuss it before getting married, and yet, it may become a sexual problem that lands them in front of the judge for a divorce.



Talking about sex is everybody’s business—the parents and guardians, schools and churches. NOW…LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX!



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What To Do Before You Get Hitched was written to provide both men and women with information that will increase their chances of having a happy, enduring marriage, and decrease the chances of their children becoming dysfunctional in their relationships or ending up in the “System."


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Impotency on the Rise

What You Need To Know About Sex And Sex Methodology

  Is Sex Really All That?

  Will the Real Men Please Stand Up—
Put an End to Vagina Power

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The Impact of Alcohol and Sex

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Sex for Victims with Chronic Back Pain

Sex for Stroke Victims

Sex and the Drug-Addicted Person



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